Commercial and Retail Paper Products

Due to the increasing demand for paper products and ever increasing competitive environment, margins are shrinking causing manufacturers and distributors to introduce proprietary dispensing systems to house their paper.  Though we offer some proprietary paper products, our focus is the small business owner.  We carry a range of paper products that fit most non-proprietary dispensing systems, at very competitive prices.

Paper Products:

  • Roll Towel (Natural) varied texture/lengths
  • Roll Towel (White) varied texture/lengths
  • Roll Towel (Natural) I notched
  • Roll Towel (White) Y notched
  • Center Pulls (Natural)
  • Center Pulls (White)
  • JRT Jumbo Toilet Tissue (varied texture/lengths)
  • Single Roll Toilet Tissue (varied texture/lengths)
  • Multi-Folds
  • C-folds
  • Facial Napkins


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